Stefan Oláh

Stefan Oláh works at the interface of art, design, architecture and contemporary history.

Since 2010 he contributes with his picture books to sensitize the view for gradually disappearing.

Most recently, he succeeded this with his search for traces of works by Karl Schwanzer: "Spuren", 2019, ed. with Ulrike Matzer and currently with the publication „Bunt, sozial, brutal. Österreichische Architektur der 1970er Jahre. Fotografiert von Stefan Oláh”.

In collaboration with Martina Griesser-Stermscheg he worked on the books „Österreichische Architektur der Fünfziger Jahre“ (2011) and „Museumsdepots“. With Sebastian Hackenschmidt he published „Sechsundzwanzig Wiener Tankstellen“ (2010), „Fünfundneunzig Wiener Würstelstände“ (2013) and „Sechsunddreißig Wiener Aussichten“ (2017).

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