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Contemporary Austrian Photography by

Markus Guschelbauer and

Stefan Oláh


Tuesday, 15th February 2022,

4pm – 8pm.

The Artists will be there.


Avenue Franklin Roosevelt, 5

1050 Brussels, Belgium


The exhibition Austrian Contemporary Photography in Brussels focuses on the view of Austrian photography in a contemporary context in relation to staged photography and architectural photography. The exhibition, curated by gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler (Vienna) focuses on the work of the two Austrian artists Markus Guschelbauer and Stefan Oláh and contrasts their photographic positions in this joint exhibition.

Markus Guschelbauer


Markus Guschelbauer's landscape photographs only give a hint of the original landscape. He draws artificial boundaries where there are none and therefore dissects a territory into its individual parts. The boundaries around the already cultivated landscape are being drawn ever tighter - surfaces, windows, frames, compartments: Guschelbauer's large-format photographs from the series "InExterior" show minimalist, seemingly living environments that order and contain everything organic and cut them into squares. Nature becomes a decorative setting. However, it continues to grow where it has nothing more to say. Therefore, Markus Guschelbauer builds artificial tableaus that rebalance the relationship between nature and settlement, originality and civilization, and exterior and interior: bolted and transplanted, interweaved with each other, but at the same time made as always  as if it has always been there.

(Text by Josef Jöchl)


The Austrian artist Markus Guschelbauer (*1974) studied at the University of Applied Arts / Institute for Visual and Media Arts / Photography. He lives and works in Vienna


Gallery rauminhalt_harald bichler (Vienna) is guest at ARTCURIAL, Brussels.


Stefan Oláh


All of Stefan Oláh‘s architectural photographs are based on profound knowledge of the history of each individual building. His objective view of things allows a revaluation of what is there; he conducts architectural analysis with visual means. With his large-format analogue camera, he always approaches the objects from a "human" point of view. He does not arrange or prettify anything for the photographs, but simply chooses the perspective that suits him.

(Text by Ulrike Matzer)


Stefan Oláh (*1971) studied photography in Munich. He lives and works in Vienna.

Oláh works at the interface of art, design, architecture and contemporary history. As part of his regular publishing activities, he has realised numerous book projects that place the photo series in a conceptual context. He focuses of the unnoticed, the underestimated or the gradually disappearing.

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