18.09. – 10.10.2015


The exhibition "brutiful" gathers new works by the artist and designer Patrick Rampelotto. These represent separate artistic analysis with trophies, trophy elements as well as their design language. Since 2006 Rampelotto draws his attention on the aesthetics of opulent goblets and cups, which he initially acquired at private sales and flea markets. Its design language and details offer the possibility of developing own forms. Through consistent study of the material Rampelotto’s works with trophies exceed the concept of "ready-mades", from which he tried to distance himself deliberately.

The works in the tension between object appropriation and object application are described most vividly with the term "brutiful" - a merging of "brutal" and "beautiful". The book of the same name, appeared in edition_rauminhalt and published by the Verlag Hollinek, is available in the gallery.
In addition to the illuminated objects, columns sculptures and furniture designs, the exhibition presents a textile, for which Rampelotto has transferred the formal language of trophies in a two-dimensional format. It was developed in collaboration with the company Backhausen this year.

with Patrick Rampelotto:
06.10.2015 at 5:00 pm.

Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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