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Born in Freistadt / Upper Austria in 1944, Huber studied architecture at the TH / TU Vienna. In 1967 he worked on actions and films of the Vienna Actionists and was a founding member of the architecture groups Zünd-Up (1969-72) and Salz der Erde(1970-72).

Zünd-Up as well as Salz der Erde exposed themselves with their utopias, experimental and visionary ideas and promoted a radicalized conception of architecture, which was essentially about political and social conflicts, whose socio-political brisance was expressed in provocation and protest. Huber's photomontages and drawings still stand in this context today, complemented by a wide range of themes from later decades.

Fascinated by the potential for seduction and the irritating power of everyday images,


Timo Huber combines and transforms in his montages with a scalpel in an analog way, found footage (mostly from mass media) into surprisingly new and constantly up-to-date narrative visual spaces. As is often the case in his drawings, he overlays and shifts different levels of meaning, each creating new realities - complex statements with personal or recent everyday references.

Timo Huber's own artistic works, as well as those of Zünd-Up and Salz der Erde, have been presented in numerous national and international exhibitions and are part of renowned collections including Albertina, Vienna; MUSA, Vienna; Wien Museum; MUMOK, Vienna; Landesgalerie Linz; Lentos, Linz; Centre Pompidou, Paris; V & A, London and Frac, Orléans.

Timo Huber lives as an architect and artist in Vienna.

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Timo Huber




Timo Huber about his exhibition "Yesternow", 2021.

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