Seat green - Gilbert Bretterbauer

Seat (green)

Gilbert Bretterbauer







Wittmann furniture workshops

Diameter: 80 cm

Seat height: 47 cm


Steel powder-coated,leather

Seats are part of Bretterbauer’s conception of space, in which architecture, art and design are shaped within an all-encompassing dynamic process. Using circular patterns, he generates three-dimensional objects, which in keeping with his artistic intention present furniture as functional artwork. Through the various dichromatic compositions of the leather upholstered seats produced by Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten, the artistic-compositional aspect of design takes on special significance. These furnishings have been produced in a limited-edition series, in which four varying diameters are offered in contrasting color combinations and with a side table.

Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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