Gilbert Bretterbauer

Gilbert Bretterbauer has been working in Vienna, Japan and the US throughout the course of his career. He founded “studio bretterbauer/baldwin” in Vienna and Los Angeles in 1998 and “bretterbauerobjects” in 2012. He designs interiors, produces furniture and creates art objects and installations. Abstraction plays a crucial role in Bretterbauer’s versatile practice, manipulating with audacity and wit the millenial old weaving technique. He is mostly known for his art carpets, his lamp objects and his furniture made out of twisted steel-pipes. Displaying intense colors, compelling textures, sinuous lines and chaotic perspectives, his objects are never strictly functional. They seem to grow into space, contaminating the environment they inhabit.

Bretterbauer has been teaching ever since he finished his formation in Vienna in 1986. He now holds a professorship at the University für Gestaltung in Linz.

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