23.11. – 09.12.2017

Bert Loeschner


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Gallery Rauminhalt_Harald Bichler shows from 24.11.2017 – 09.12.2017 the work of artist Bert Löschner. The presented pieces are part of his series "copyofacopyofa" focusing specifically on the designs of Charles und Ray Eames.

When listening to Löschner, it becomes clear that it is in humor and irony that he finds the audacity to refer to the greatest designers in history. His main concern is to find out how, as an artist, your own perspective changes while copying popular everyday objects. 

The appropriation process at the heart of the series "copyofacopyofa" starts in the nucleus of production – the technique. Copy begins with the tool itself. Löschner deals with the industrial everyday objects to learn from their production techniques and transform them. He always goes a step further in his own handcraft production. This is where it starts to get tricky. Because not only the final sculptures but also the process is subject to the act of copying and copying and copying.

Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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