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19.04. – 18:00

Sébastien de Ganay

in conversation with Sebastian Loudon

Given the crucial issues it addresses, the political artwork now on show at Rauminhalt will be the focus of a dialogue between Sébastien de Ganay and Sebastian Loudon.


With this piece, de Ganay instigates a reflection on the violent potential of allusive language and its role in the media. This conversation will give the opportunity to relate to actual debates, but also to raise broader questions on art’s capacity to reveal enduring strategies of abuse. Still relevant today, the critical positions of Walter Benjamin on the aestheticization of politics or Roland Barthes’ considerations on the fascism of language emphasized how ambiguous symbols consolidate power relations and foster inequity. Their insights set the base for further investigations on what makes dangerous standpoints become trivial, enjoyable, convenient or, as de Ganay ironically puts it, “gemütlich”.


The conversation is open to the public and will take place in the gallery.

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