"Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner) by Félix González-Torres

rauminhalt_harald bichler is very pleased to be part of a world-wide and comprehensive art project.
Ralph Wernicke (Hubertushöhe, Berlin) was invited by Andrea Rosen (Galerie Rosen, New York) as one of 1000 people worldwide for a project for which he installed the work "Untitled" (Fortune Cookie Corner) by Félix González-Torres (1957-1996) at rauminhalt_harald bichler.

From 25 May to 5 July 2020, any visitor can/should be able to interact with the artwork. As a part of the collective cultural identity, the spirit of generosity and solidarity in this work by Félix González-Torres will be transmitted to every visitor to become an ambassador for humanity.


Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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