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Gabriele Lenz

For the work tisch und bett Gabriele Lenz used a text from Friedrich Achleitner's latest collection of texts "OHNE SENSE nonsens- und mikropoesie" (2018) and broke it down into its components, the individual letters: "tisch und bett kann man sich zur not teilen bei büchern hört der spass auf" reads the thoroughly humorous, 60-part sequence of letters that the artist stamped individually on the front of booklets from Reclam Verlag. Presented on a shelf, the letters have the potential to form any imaginable sequence of words. By fragmenting Friedrich Achleitner's sentence about the interpersonal relationships that manifest themselves in the medium of the book and through the book, by breaking this sentence down into its letters, Gabriele Lenz pays tribute not only to her longstanding friendship with the architect, author, and member of the Vienna Group, who died in 2019, but also to his literary practice.*

For the edition letters from the poem freely selectable

*Excerpts from "In the Course of History. Zur Buchpraxis von Gabriele Lenz," Franz Thalmair, Volume 5: Gabriele Lenz - ex libris, formatgebung (ed.), Sonderzahl, 2022.

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