19.01. – 24.02.2018



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From the 19.01.2018 until the 24.02.2018, gallery rauminhalt is the host of the design studio Vandasye, showing selected works from their ongoing project "Found", through which they produce objects inspired and derived from purpose furniture and auxiliary constructions. Especially for this exhibition, the designers collaborated with photograph Peter Garmusch, who photographed cargo bikes in Kampala (Uganda). Garmusch's work captures the contingencies and limited ressources (to transport products and objects from one place to another) and how the cargo bikes offer ingenuous solutions to those problems. Joining Garmusch's and Vandasye's approaches in one installation allows to highlight their common interest in the aesthetic potential of purposeful construction solutions.

In the project “Found”, Vandasye analyses the formal immaturity and integrity of auxiliary furniture pieces, as they can be found in private and public spaces around the world. These objects are usually created without formal processes and representational tasks and were made specifically in relationship with the environment they stem from. Their special formal archaism can be attributed to the fact that these objects solely focus on their function an not on their form. The functionality in turn does not claim to be universally valid and derives from specific needs. These aspects are crucial to the designers who create objects that investigate the provisory purpose of furniture in pieces that seem to be devoid of stylistic concern. They consider them to be the last archaic prototypes of our time.

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