06.04. – 28.04.2018


und und und

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Galerie rauminhalt_harald bichler renews its fruitful collaboration with interdisciplinary artist Sébastien de Ganay for the exhibition “und und und”. New wall objects from his series “Folded Flats” will be on show, as well as the room sculpture “non-places/palettes” and artworks at the crossing of sculptural dignity and functionality. These unique pieces share subtle common characteristics reflecting the minimalist aesthetic, the precise formalism and the participative approach to art of de Ganay.

Playful and focused, de Ganay pursues its exploration on the threshold between painting and sculpture in his series “Folded Flats”, which he began working on in 2015. The artworks remind of origami as they expand from the wall, bringing the surface to the foreground, opening up a space that is closes on itself as soon as it is taking form. At their encounter, the beholder cannot help but try to unfold them in thoughts. This participative impulse grows stronger as one notices the discrepancy between the haptic quality of the object and its raw materiality. The folded pieces are not made of paper, as one could expect, but of aluminium. One sequence shows one by one every single step required to fold the corners of the aluminium sheets. Other works of the series, namely the pale blue foldings reminding of recycling envelopes, are more tightly folded and thus more secretive. The impeccable foldings do not keep trace of human intervention. As a result we are furthermore intrigued and compelled to penetrate their inner layers and unravel the secrets of their production.

Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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