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​declared_ the project

examines the ordinary and extraordinary qualities of everyday objects that have made the transition from ubiquitous products to iconic examples of good design, coming to literally define particular places and familiar social practices and thus to maintain a hold on the cultural imagination.

The project proposes to take such iconic products as triggers for a design challenge, mindful of the drift and transculturation that characterize the increasingly global nature of society at large. How to reinvent the things that belong to specific locales and customs to energize our memories and create future memories?

declared_ the exhibition: a call to action!

breaks with the parameters of a traditional exhibition to launch a dynamic project seeking to engage the design community with a call to action that envisions a two-fold response: first, to identify familiar products which merit being revived or perpetuated, and second, to put forth design proposals for making them new.

As a first response to the challenge set forth at Galerie Rauminhalt in Vienna, Peter Noever and Andrea Lenardin reconsidered the familiar 1/8 (Achtel-) glass, which despite its statue as a "classic" in Austria has been displaced in the face of sophisticated practices that are transforming the culture of wine around the world.

Preserving the essence of the 1/8 - its haptic character and iconic silhouette - the new 1/8 essentially re-defines the traditional Viennese "house wine" glass introducing 2 sizes to accommodate the different properties of red and white wines. Increasingly casual approches to the set table in restaurants, and private homes around the world have accompanied a turn that favors farm-to-table and locally sourced foods, wines, and spirits. In this context, the new 1/8 liter glass is envisioned as part of a renaissance of the "house wine". Designed to "nest" and stack the new 1/8 is produced by Stölzle Lausitz, a renowned international glass manufacturer.

declared_ the daily Unger & Klein wine pairings

Unger & Klein, pioneers in contemporary Viennese wine culture, are hosting pairings of "Landwein Rot" and "Landwein Weiss", Austria 12,5%, during gallery hours throughout the run of the exhibition.

declared_ limited art editions

post-it bar

proposes a future perspective for what many would consider the forerunner of the text message: the post-it pad. Since messaging went digital and even the post-it on the home screen is a thing of the past, the post-it bar takes the ubiquitous canary yellow post-it pad to a new level, presenting it at the scale of a bar-height tabletop.

Along with a poster edition and other items.

declared_ the call to action

identify a ubiquitous iconic object that has become so common as to be invisible, or has already begun a decline into oblivion, and return it to consciousness by imagining its logical evolution or potential future.

Proposals should be submitted in the declared_ notebook (A5, 160 pages) available at the gallery. Submissions are due on October 8th 2018 and will be reviewed by an international jury, and selected entries will be presented in November 2018.

Events during the run of the exhibition will be announced on the gallery's website.


A design project by
peter noever | andrea lenardin 


wien | los angeles

21 June – 4 August 2018
Galerie Rauminhalt
Vienna, Austria

Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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