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Carton chair3

Carton Chair

Sébastien de Ganay





64 x 61 x 60 cm


Sébastien de Ganay, Bad-Deutsch Altenburg, Austria


aluminium, beige lacquered

Sculptures - Carton Series

From a series of his Carton Sculptures, objects mimicking cardboard boxes, intact or unfolded, welded from 5mm aluminum plates, which were powder coated to give them a carton look Sébastien de Ganay derived the Carton Chairs, taking the esthetics of the Carton Sculptures into the Applied Arts.

Carton Chairs are fully functional chairs, with human dimensions and ergonomics, but convey the impression of being folded from cardboard boxes. One principle is that the shape of the Carton Chair could in theory be unfolded and then be folded back into regular, rectangular cardboard box, as if the Carton Chair was made from one piece.

Variations of the basic design include different angles of the box flaps in relation to the corpus (e.g. armrests, backrest, feet, shelf). The room underneath the seating surface can be varied to accommodate eg. books, oder bottles or left void. Signature color of the objects is RAL 1019 Grey Beige, but color may vary.

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