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04.05. – 08.05.2016


From 04.05.–08.05.2016 Collective Design New York will present international Design for the forth time. A first time participant will be Gallery Rauminhalt from Vienna, established in 2003 and one of Europe’s leading galleries for 20th Century Modern and Contemporary Design positions. The fair will feature 23 international renewned exhibitors. Gallery Rauminhalt was invited by a prestigious jury to present exclusive as well as representative objects from the gallery´s portfolio. In the field of contemporary design, Rauminhalt will focus on the transformation of materials: the polyester chair sculptures by Bernhard Hausegger, the so called „Carton Sculptures“ - objects mimicking cardboard boxes, intact or unfolded, welded from aluminium plates - by Sébastien de Ganay, the furniture- and light sculptures by Gilbert Bretterbauer, which are wrapped with thread as well as the seemingly weightless tables and chairs made of concrete by Erich Hubmann and Andreas Vass are representing this design approach. Each object is the result of a manual crating process and skilled handicraft, which leaves its unique traces on the different materials. The gallery’s choice will also be a selection from the limited edition collection „7000 blows“ by zerunianandweisz. The copper, silver and brass items are chased by hand and complemented by found treasures and reworked objects to create small sensual landscapes. “7000 blows” is based on the traditional competence of the Caldarari, a Roma community in Transylvania.

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