Konrad Friedel

Konrad Friedel was born in Scheibbs in 1981. He obtained his Master of Carpentry and founded his own atelier in 2008. His creative practice combines high-end handcraft and an exploratory approach to material, namely wood and metal. His most famous works comprise the “Schalentiere” (Shellfishes) lamps, a project Friedel developed while experimenting with cut-out parts of metal balls. He elaborated a complex technique to reassemble the shells into compelling “Tiere” (animals). Vivid colours accentuate the contrast between the inside and the outside of those illuminated crustaceans. As a skilled craftsman, Friedel finds inspiration in the materials themselves, highlighting their texture, colour and plasticity. He lives and works in Vienna.

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Schleifmühlgasse 13  - 1040 Wien

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