Klemens Schillinger

(...) Yes, the objects Klemens Schillinger uses in his designs are store-bought objets trouvés and as such pre-determined limitations to the free expression others might seek. In his hands they turn into the meaningful particles of creation, though. By being the lowest common denominators of our everyday lives they have been gently moulded into something near perfect and at the same time plain ugly, like stones washed to smooth disks by a river. While others pass by these mundane products, which were conceived by unknown heroes and stamped out in anonymous factories, Schillinger picks them up and by combining them into the refined objects he is known for honours them with his tongue only slightly in his cheek as what they for better or worse are: the fundamental parts of our civilisation.

(Text: Gabriel Roland)


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Klemens Schillinger


Program partner VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2020

Part of the exhibition series "Unter Vorbehalt":


Klemens Schillinger, Cage bench (c) L
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Klemens Schillinger "Hardware"

Part of the exhibition series "Unter Vorbehalt":